New Heart Pill Lifesaver

New Heart Pill LifesaverThe medical industry has fortunately found a new highly affecting and cheap treatment to save the lives of thousand heart failure patients each year.

Yes, the newly introduced pill that has got license recently to serve its purpose in the medical industry by saving many heart patients lives is drug ivabradine, which the doctors are suggesting to be one of the cheapest treatments too.

Sources are confirming that the new pill costs only £1.40 a day and could efficiently serve several lives of heart failure patients every year.

The new licensed drug Ivabradine basically helps in slowing down the heart rate of the patient thereby improving his heart's pumping ability and lessening the death rate by almost 39 percent (as shown in trials).

Regarding the situation, some comments came from Professor Martin Cowie, Consultant Cardiologist and specialist in heart failure at the Royal Brompton Hospital, who cleared in his statement that the new drug can save approx
5,000 to 10,000 lives a year. Moreover experts also doubt that the drug will also help in reducing the National Health Service costs following a major cut in hospital's number of admitted cases of heart failure.

The second name of the drug Ivabradine is Procoralan, which is legally serving the UK industry with treatments for angina. The drug is serving the NHS in the region since five years and has a good safety record.

And now the Servier produced drug has achieved licensing from European safety regulators for finely treating condition of heart failure in patients. The cheaper drug will cost NHS only £500 a year per patient.

"I hope this gets approved because it's very good value for money in reducing the number of hospitalizations alone," said Prof Cowie.