Addictiveness of Ice Cream Comparable to That of Drugs

Addictiveness of Ice Cream Comparable to That of DrugsWe all are well aware of the fact that on having a bit of ice cream induces a sense of craving and, as a result, a person tends to feel more and more inclined towards having more and more.

But a recently concluded research, which was carried out by a team of researchers from the Eugene-based Oregon Research Institute, has revealed that it generally tends to leave a person craving for more and more which is nothing less than an addiction in itself.

As a result, it has been claimed by researchers that the addiction may well be as severe as that of various illegal drugs. Researchers further shared their opinion that cravings over dessert were more or less along the lines of those witnessed in drug addicts.

They further found that that the brain of those eating ice cream was left hankering for more and more while they were eating ice cream in a manner that was very much the same as an individual who uses cocaine on a regular basis.

During the course of the study, which has been made available in the recent edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found by the researchers that it seems like adding weight to earlier studies which claimed that individuals can be left with a sense of addiction to some kind of foods.

While expressing his opinion in this regard, along with mentioning what all can be done in order to steer clear of this addiction, the lead author of the study from the Oregon Research Institute, Dr. Kyle Burger, said: "This down-regulation pattern is seen with frequent drug use, where the more an individual uses the drug, the less reward they receive from using it. This tolerance is thought to increase use, or eating, because the individual trying to achieve the previous level of satisfaction".