Scientists Claim Breakthrough Treatment of Liver Disease

Scientists Claim Breakthrough Treatment of Liver DiseaseIn a latest breakthrough by medical scientists, which could prove a much awaited boon for patients suffering from liver illness, an alternative to the treatment has been found which at present could only be cured by organ transplants. Scientists claim that they have now profound knowledge about how diseased liver could repair itself.

According to them, they now have worked out a procedure to stimulate the production of vital liver cells known as hepatocytes, which are very vital in regeneration after liver is attacked by cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis.

Liver disease has been in the forefront for deaths in Britain. For the past 40 years, the number of deaths due to liver disease has been increasing year after year, as till date, there is no cure other than a liver transplant. There is also a long waiting list which is ever increasing for liver transplants.

Human liver in fact has the capacity to revive these dead cells, but most of the time; these cells are replaced with wrong kinds of cells which are not required. So in orders to correct this process, scientists have devised a network of complex biochemical signals to trigger hepatocytus after the liver is damaged.

In order to achieve that goal of making more hepatocytus, scientists altered certain genes at the initial stages of liver cell development. The only thing left now is to develop certain drugs which could perform the same function in patients.

According to Luke Boulter of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at Edinburgh University, this is a huge success and has opened a Pandora's Box with all possibilities. This research has shown how to revive the necessary cells needed for healthy liver functioning. A cure for liver diseases had been missing for long time and this breakthrough will help many patients who only relied on liver transplant.