Newly Formed GP Group to Hold a Public Meeting to Address Issues

nhsThere is a change coming in the working of NHS in Newcastle and Staffordshire Moorlands, with Family doctors taking over the full responsibilities from the primary care trust next April.

These doctors will hold their first shadow board meeting in public tomorrow, which would be headed by Leek-based Dr. David Hughes. The meeting would be held at the Medical Institute in Hartshill, from 2pm to 5pm. The main motive of this meeting would be to devise a plan to manage the cash flow of NHS and make it more useful by diverting it to local people's healthcare needs. Some other issues on the agenda of the meet are to formulate a strategy to tackle cases of dementia and to prioritise more funding.

Various GPs have also urged the government to drop the Health and Social Care Bill which has been under contention and start a dialogue process to make sure everyone is on board for clinically-led commissioning.

According to Dr. Laurence Buckman, Chairman of the British Medical Association (BMA), “The concept of clinically led commissioning had the support of many GPs but over time, it has become clear that this is the most top-down reorganization the NHS has seen since its inception”. He also showed his concern over many other issues in the bill which are not feasible.

The BMA has also urged the government to take some necessary steps like letting GPs control Primary Care Trust (PCT) and not adding more competition on NHS. None of this required a Bill, and steps like these would surely help in refinement of current situation. They also acknowledged the fact that that it would not be reasonable to disembark the current structure and with proper consultation and working together with GPs, the issue can be handled to make clinical commissioning work.