Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Soon To Be In the List of Cancers for Millennium

Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Soon To Be In the List of Cancers for Millennium A study, being carried out by a team of investigators, emphasizes on tests being carried out on the potential drug, Aurora A kinase inhibitor, MLN8237. This drug is being considered to be able to treat Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma
(PCTL), a sub-type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. These investigators are a part of Millennium, a unit of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

PCTL is considered an aggressive, high-grade type of cancer. It generally has a poor prognosis, but may respond better to treatment than indolent, low-grade lymphoma.

This drug was already under investigations but for other cancers including B-cell and T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The unit has already given a green signal for initiating the Phase III trials for testing the drug. The results will be considered on the basis of overall response rate and factors leading to decreasing the growth of the cancer, hence increasing the survival rates.

Senior Medical Director for Millennium Liviu Niculescu said, "Currently we're investigating the drug clinically in a broad cancer population from solid to hematological malignancy. We expect it to help a lot of patients”.

The mode of action, which is expected to be beneficiary in case of cancer patients of this category, is expected to be the barrier created by the drug in the form of structures, which in turn separates the chromosomes during the cell division, hence leading to formation of anomalies during cell division itself and then causing programmed cell death (apoptosis).

However, at present there are no acclaimed Aurora Kinases in market. The specificity and the oral dose form of the inhibitor are however, posing difficulties for the drug. However, the results of the drug are considered better than the available therapies.

Even other countries like UK are carrying out researchers. At present, UK is carrying out investigations on two inhibitors; AT9283 on which Cancer Research is conducting the tests and the other is CYC116 which is being assessed by Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc. CYC116 has already cleared the Phase I that dealt with patients in advanced stages of solid tumors.