Hollywood Blamed Of Promoting Binge Drinking

Hollywood Blamed Of Promoting Binge DrinkingA recent study has blamed Hollywood for promoting binge drinking. The study was conducted by the researchers of the US and Europe.

The findings of the study have been published in the Pediatrics journal. According to the researchers, the young adults who have been exposed to movies, in which actors and actress indulge in binge drinking, are more likely to fall in the traps of binge drinking.

For the study, the researchers surveyed about 16,551 students. The participants of the study were between the age groups of 10-19. The kids belonged to six different nationalities. During the survey, the researchers provided questionnaires to the students in which about 50 movies were listed.

The participants were asked to select the movies which they have already watched. The researchers nodded that drinking scenes of movies directly affect youngsters. The researchers further said that youngsters prone to fall in the traps of alcohol find the company of alcoholic friends soothing.

The researchers concluded the study saying, “From a theoretical standpoint, the most simple explanation for an association between seeing movies and drinking is the direct modeling effect…if steps were taken to decrease exposure of adolescents to movie depictions of alcohol, then fewer young people would take up binge drinking”.

It is hoped that findings of the study would help in reducing the incidences of binge drinking among the young adults. Binge drinking has been associated with life threatening diseases. Many families find it hard to communicate with their children about the ill consequences of binge drinking.

Further studies should be conducted so that concrete link between Hollywood and the rampant binge drinking among the youngsters could be gauged. Meantime, parents can work towards preventing their kids from being exposed to such movies.