Fiat Launches 500L

Fiat Launches 500LAs per reports, it has been revealed that Fiat has made yet another effort to bring back itself on the growth track and also to improve its business in European countries. They have launched a new car named as 500L, which is a complete sports utility car (SUV).

Olivier François, the Head of the Fiat brand, was present at the Geneva International Motor Show. He told that the 500 L is a city car and caters to the young generation. It has been made in Serbia and flaunts two doors.

It seems that the company has not forgotten to add cool quotient to their new model. In addition to the two doors, it also has convertible and Abarth sport versions. Olivier said that this time, they want to perform exceptionally well in their home country and this is the reason that they have made it according to the needs of the people of their home land.

There are some people, who think that the new development of Fiat will not be able to impress people. LMC Automotive analyst Jonathan Poskitt said, “You need to do more than just increase the number of products. If you don’t widen the product range, you risk falling behind”.

Fiat is not alone, which is struggling to make its mark in the Europe. PSA Peugeot Citroën, General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co are some of the many countries, which are also struggling to improve their businesses in European country.

Supply has increased more than demand and this is the reason that all the major car brands are facing sluggish sales in addition to the competition. However, none of the car brands are ready to give up. Fiat is trying to turn the tables and get into profit zone by 2014.