Men and Their Integrative Approach towards Prostate Cancer

Prostate-CancerAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a variety of aspects, such as those in the likes of increased threat for African-Americans, medical distrust as well as obesity contributes to a massive extent when we talk about elevated levels of prostate cancer prevailing in Mississippi.

Mississippi, as per records, holds the second highest rate of prostate cancer death all over the nation, with being the fourth highest rate of incidence, as revealed by recent reports released by Central Cancer Registries’ North American Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Cancer Institute.

While expressing his opinion regarding the entire issue, along with mentioning what all can be done to safeguard the almost-lost front to high rates of death in the region, the CEO of “ZERO — The Project to End Prostate Cancer”, Skip Lockwood, said: “Mississippi has a large African-American population and highest obesity rates in the US. These factors combined make men in Mississippi at heightened risk of developing prostate cancer and dying from the disease”.

In this regard, a recently concluded Gallup poll has ranked Mississippi as having the highest rate of obesity all over the US, with in excess of 32% of those residing there being in the grip of obesity. Obesity may well result in increasing the odds of violent prostate cancer, and both smoking as well as obesity are allied to an escalated threat of dying due to the ailment.

In addition, it has been claimed that as many as 37% of people in Mississippi are African Americans. For reasons which are almost always unclear, the frequency of prostate cancer is around 60% higher in men belonging to African ancestry. Also, the death rate is said to be two-and-a-half times more than that seen among white men.