People Might Grow Their Own Organs One Day

organIt might sound like plot of a Sci-Fi movie, but if Professor Paolo Macchiarini, the world’s leading transplant surgeon, is to be believed then one day patients might be able to grow their own organs to replace diseased and damaged body parts. This would literately put an end to global donor shortage crisis. At least 1,000 people in Britain die each year while waiting for a new heart, kidney or liver, while many are forced to pay huge amount to black market to get their necessary organs.

Macchiarini had himself pioneered the first transplant of a whole organ grown from a patient's own cells in 2008, and he is pretty optimistic that the way things are panning out and by seeing the advancements in the regenerative medicine; it is very much possible to get success out of such transplants without worrying for rejection of parts. Another plus point of this type of surgery is that there is no need for lifelong treatment with immuno-suppressive drugs.

In this new technique, artificial scaffold are created by use of animal organs depleted of living cells, into which patients own stem cells are inserted. Over a period of time then, these cells grow to create a fully functional organ, which can be transplanted into patients.

Marchianni added: “Such procedures have already been done successfully for the repair and reconstruction of complex tissues such as the trachea, oesophagus, and skeletal muscle in animal models and human beings”.

After guided approach towards this platform, surgeons could eventually eradicate the shortage of organ donors and it might become a feasible and practical future therapeutic approach to meet the ever-growing demand after an organ failure. Marchianni also called for policies to address issues like lucidity about the techniques involved and costs which would be bearded by the patients.