Worcestershire Trust in Debt

nhsIt has been recently revealed in a report that despite several measures being adopted by the NHS to make their services better for the wellbeing of the people, there is still a shortage of funds being faced by the organization.

It was revealed that hospitals from Worcestershire are currently facing a debt of £18 million. This might be one reason why they wouldn’t be able to reach the top and meet all ends at the hospitals. It was in the year 2000 that the start of this crisis was seen. The debt had emerged while there were three new facilities of the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust coming up and this is the reason they have landed so deep in debt. There is need for some quick and effective steps to be taken to bring the situation under control, so that the NHS can be able to meet all the needs of the hospital facilities.

For now, the trust is hoping to be able to pay off the £25 million debt, from the loan which it had availed in the year 2007-08.

It remains to be seen how they are going to cope up with this pressure and how they are going to pay back the huge sum of money. It needs to be kept in mind here that the needs and requirements of the patients shouldn’t be ignored at any cost and special attention should be paid in this field.

“There’s pressure from the Strategic Health Authority and the Department of Health to get an agreed timeline because the national policy is that every trust needs to be a foundation trust in one shape or form”, said Trust Chief Executive Penny Venables. It remains to be seen how they are going to keep up with the pressure of meeting the patients’ needs.