Fruit Juices Can Damage Your Children’s Teeth, Claim Researchers

JuicesMaking an immensely significant disclosure, it has been warned by dentists that kids who are heartened for drinking more and more fruit juice in their “five a day” can result in proving extremely dangerous for their teeth.

Along the same lines, the dentists have raised concerns that parents who are highly concerned about the health of their kids and provided them with juices and other things like smoothies overflowing with fruits may well result in proving disastrous for them on long-term basis.

In this regard, Royal College of Surgeons’ dean of the dental faculty, Kathy Harley, has recently shared some imperative words of caution which highlighted that as many as 50% of five-year-olds are likely to show signs of weariness in the enamel of their tooth.

It has been claimed by dentists that acidic juices generally tend to attack the enamel of tooth, and the damage done goes way too severe in case the fruit consumed by children is blended as the release of sugar is more prominent in such a case.

In this regard, a recently conducted study, which was carried out by researchers from the King's College London Dental Institute during the year that went by, studied data for more than 1,000 people between the age of 18 and 30. Their findings suggested that the intake of an apple can be more severe for teeth as compared to drinking a fizzy drink.

While briefing the consequences of consuming acidic fruits and juices on dental health of kids, a consultant to the British Dental Association (BDA), Damien Walmsley, claimed: “If you are having fruit, keep it to meal times. That [may] go against the [recommendation of] five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, but it is not a good idea snacking on it because of the continual drip, drip on to the tooth”.