New Game Move

gamingIt has been recently revealed in a report that Sina from China and Dena from Japan have joined hands for cooking up a new hue for the challenging gaming market of the world. Both the firms have joined hands in order to be able to form new types of games which are fully packed with the most novel features which shall interest audiences in the future. This is basically being done for the gaming on mobile phones.

As per the new deal, Sina will make it possible for the users to benefit from the micro blogging site it owns, where the users from Dena will be able to log in with their own original information.

This move is an indication how Japan is pulling up its socks to give a tough race to the U. S. in the mobile gaming business. It shall be able to garner a lot of customers in the time to come, with its novel features that work for the benefit of the common gamers.

It was further added that now the users of this blogging portal shall have an access to the Chinese version of the Mobage. The firms even plan to form a combined website for this new endeavor. This shall further enable the users to download the games on their Android phones.

The web gaming and mobile phone gaming business is on the high right now and this is why more and more firms are coming in to test their fates at the same. It remains to be seen what sort of response they garner from the people and whether or not they like this new intertwined form of gaming, that shall give them a whole new array of possibilities.