Prevention Is Better Than Cure

fluInfluenza better known as flu has very mysterious occurrence. There are some flu seasons when it causes an epidemic whereas sometimes, it has a lackluster phase. But overall it is highly contagious disease. People often don’t know what to expect and the symptoms usually show after 24 hours, therefore unknowingly infect other people also. This disease can spread easily from cough, sneeze or talking to an infected person.

Due to this nature of the virus, people usually prefer yearly vaccines before the coming of flu season. But it does not always assure immunity from flu. Although 77% chance of immunity is far greater than none. Even though it does not completely prevent the virus, the vaccine surely reduces its sternness.

Although most of the people recover eventually, it means a week or more getting affected, which is why most people prefer prevention than cure. But there have been worries regarding the effectiveness of flu virus. It is advised to go for the vaccine prior to the flu season and most insurance companies cover the cost of the vaccine. Those who don’t have insurance cover can also get flu shots, which are not that expensive as compared to the cure. A person who is infected usually ends up spending over $25 on remedies alone. There is need to make people aware about the best possible precautions to be taken before things become a lot difficult for them.

The influenza vaccine this year has been manufactured using advanced technology which has been used internationally for over 60 years. The vaccine also has a great safety record. Although in some cases, there is some side-effect, those disappear with a day or two and looking at the affect of the flu, no one can take any chance.