Consuming Fruit Juice Might Lead To Dental Erosion Among Children

Fruit JuiceHaving Fruit Juice is usually considered a healthy habit with most people consuming some king of fruit juice every day. But there are some side effects to drinking large amounts of juice every day. This is what is being suggested by some Dentists.

It is a known fact that fruit juices are acidic in nature and children who consume it daily and in large quantities ought to have some side effects, especially their teeth. The doctors are concerned that parents who think that they are giving healthy diet to their children in the form of juices and smoothies, are in fact unknowingly doing some long term damage to their teeth.

Kathy Harley, dean of the dental faculty at the Royal College of Surgeons has called on schools to offer milk or water to children in place of juice, which is healthier. Due to the acidic nature of the juices, consumption in large quantity can wear the tooth enamel. This dental erosion is irreversible and children don’t have a fully developed dental system, which is why it is very vital. Although fruit juices contain a wide variety of vitamins which are also essential, they are often high with natural sugar which could lead to tooth decay.

The dentists are not saying to stop having juice, but are urging not to over consume it. Everyone known of the benefits of fruit juices but they should also be aware of the side effects that come with it.

The NHS also recommends only 150ml of fruit juice per day. It also suggests that even if drinking juice, it should be consumed with a meal so that the effect of the juice is highly reduced. One should rather have the fruit than juice as the juice does not contain the fiber found in the whole fruit.