Charity Alarms People of Shisha Smoking

Shisha-SmokingA charity named British Heart Foundation has been raising awareness regarding risks of smoking shisha, says a recent report.

The latest study by the group has revealed that shisha is equally dangerous to health as cigarettes. It has been found through the survey by the charity that the number of Shisha smokers has been increasing in Bournemouth, UK with almost five restaurants and bars providing the product currently. Concerning the same, the foundation has been alarming the population.

Shisha has been known to be a flavoured tobacco smoked through waterpipes, which is believed by most of the people not to cause any health hazard. However, the team of surveyors claim that the smoke of shisha leads to serious health conditions such as cancer, heart and respiratory diseases as well as problems during pregnancy.

The foundation charity had carried out a survey on a number of adults, in which it has been discovered that one in every ten adults in the East Midlands were of the opinion that it does not cause any harm, while only 40% of the participants knew about the harms that it can cause.

The team has also told that shisha session of one hour leads smokers to inhale the same amount of smoke as 100 cigarettes do. Thus, it is being warned by the team that people should not disbelieve by the sweet smell and fruity flavours of shisha that these are just for providing smoke experience. On the contrary, they must know that they are actually smoking.

Dr. Mike Knapton, of the BHF has affirmed, “There are added risks because you often smoke it for far longer than you would a cigarette and you're also exposed to toxins from the wood or charcoal used to burn the tobacco."