Stanford University Researchers Anxious on Rise in Diabetes Cases

Stanford University Researchers Anxious on Rise in Diabetes CasesA recent study claimed to have found the most comprehensive biological profile of a human being. It was done by a team from Stanford University. The team examined the body of Stanford University geneticist Michael Snyder to track down his DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites. The entire profile was termed as an integrative Personal "Omics" Profile, or iPOP. It was quite exciting to see how viruses attacked his cells and that was when they got to know that he was suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

This is for the first time that any research team has managed to track down development of a disease, which is slowly gripping the attention of medical fraternity by and large. Though there used to be personalized medicines to identify if a person is suffering from any disease or not, it is for the first time that any comprehensive assertion has been made.

For the study, the lead author of the study had to donate blood samples after two months of gap, which amounted to 20 blood draws. After conducting a range of tests on the blood, it was concluded that he was slowly developing Type 2 diabetes. The shocking part was he had no family background in the said disease and was following a lifestyle devoid of smoking. It was told that as soon as he got to know about the infection, he switched to a more healthy diet and started doing regular exercise, and managed to reduce his glucose levels down.

This study has proved that how genetic information can help in improving one's health. "Detailed omics pro? ling coupled with genome sequencing can provide molecular and physiological information of medical significance", said the team, which is of the view that there is more to study in the same context before it can be incorporated in clinical applications.