Menopause May Cause Poor Memory

Menopause May Cause Poor MemoryA recent study has thrown light on the issues attached to menopause. A team from University of Rochester, New York, managed to conclude that during menopause, many women are subjected to poor memory, thereby making it clear that there are some genuine concerns attached with one facing menopause.

For the research, the team recruited a group of women aged from 40 to 60 and made them go through an array of cognitive tests. All those were asked about the general symptoms they know related with menopause like depression, anxiety, hot flashes, etc. Those at the suffering end struggled to perform simple calculations, which made it quite clear that menopause brings other health issues too. All those who could not score well in tests were those who were more likely to face problems like depression, anxiety and sleep difficulties.

There are many who take poor memory as normal due to ageing but it is not so. "She can find comfort in knowing that there are new research findings that support her experience. She can view her experience as normal", said study lead Dr. Miriam Weber, who is of the view that there is need for women to accept the fact that there are some natural changes which come in one's life.

This study is among those few which have mainly focused on how a woman's brain functions while she is going through menopause. There is a lot being done in the same filed, which can make it clear that women gradually go through from reproductive prime to becoming infertile. Menopause is a king of transition phase which could last for years.

Acknowledging the findings of the study, University of Vermont neuropsychologist Julie Dumas, who was not part of the study, said that women should consult their doctor in case they are facing turmoil while battling menopause.