FBI Seeking Google’s Aid in Unlocking Confiscated Android Phone

FBIAfter having difficulties in cracking the code of an Android phone, FBI has asked Google for help. The Android phone is said to be of a convicted San Diego pimp. The team of FBI is in need of help to crack down the password of the phone so that they could gather necessary details from the phone.

The affidavit which has been sent to Google by FBI reads, “…provide law enforcement with any and all means of gaining access … in order to obtain the complete contents of the memory”.

The phone which confiscated from Dante Dears is said to carry information regarding a prostitution ring which is believed to be run by Dante Dears.

Google has not yet commented on the request of FBI. However, the team is hopeful that Google would help FBI in tracking the prostitute ring. It has been informed that text messages and e-mails are continuously being received by the phone.

The authorities have to unlock the phone so that necessary steps could be taken to put an end to the prostitute ring being run by Dante Dears. Although Google have not commented upon the request of FBI, it did say that these days, the US authorities are increasingly seeking access to the data of its users.