Fluzone High-Dose Gains FDA Approval for Use in Elderly

As confirmed by the agency, Fluzone High-Dose, a flu vaccine to combat seasonal flu in the 65 and older population, has gained the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration successfully.

During outbreaks of seasonal flu, seniors are always at the highest risk of contracting all complications, including hospitalization and death. The Fluzone High-Dose medicine has been designed to keep infections with influenza subtypes A and B at bay.

The drug was awarded accelerated approval as a product "designed to prevent serious or life-threatening disease".

The FDA has stressed that as a part of the approval, the manufacturer, pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur, is required to "conduct further studies to verify that [the vaccine] will decrease seasonal influenza after vaccination".

The agency has also issued a warning which clarifies that as the vaccine boasts "higher potency", there have been more frequent reports of mild side-effects as compared to the company's general strength vaccine, Fluzone.