Underestimation of Weight could be Dire for Obese People

Underestimation of Weight could be Dire for Obese People A recent report has claimed that the people tend to overestimate their height and underestimate their weight. According to the compilers of the report people are mislead about the appropriate body weight.

These days it has become quite common to hear about obesity related cases. But according to the researchers of the Bureau of Statistics people are unaware of the proper body weight which makes them believe that they are fit. However, the reality is that o0bese people are cheating upon themselves by calling themselves healthy rather than obese.

For the compilation of the report, the researchers analyzed the findings of two studies held in 1995 and 2007. In both the studies, the participants were asked to gauge their BMI and to then to rate their height and weight. It was found that during the studies, about 19.7% of the women reported of being obese while 21.3% of men said that they were obese.

However, when the BMI was calculated by the researchers on the participants of the study then the staggering revelation was made. The researchers characterized 23.4 %of women and 25.6% of men as obese.

The findings of the report clearly highlights that either people are unaware of the right body weight or are overestimating their height and underestimating their weight. Professor Paul O'Brien from the Centre for Obesity Research and Education was reported as saying, “Everyone estimates their height at a centimetre or two above what they are and drops their weight by a kilogram or two”.

Obesity has been linked to life threatening disease by previous studies. People are required to be made aware about the right body weight so that they could prevent from being adversely affected with obesity.