Estrogen, Along With HRT, Poses High Risk of Breast Cancer

Estrogen, Along With HRT, Poses High Risk of Breast CancerThere have been speculations going around on the use of estrogen, alone and along with progestin, to have an effect on the increased risk of breast cancer. Still, it is not clear on the hormone therapy-induce breast cancer risk. Also, the affects estrogens in addition to progestin vs. estrogen alone on breast cancer are not comprehensible. Some of these concerns have decreased after the results of the study conducted by Women's Health Initiative (WHI).

Under the combined study of Rowan T. Chlebowski, at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, and Garnet Anderson, at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the data was examined under both scenarios and clinical trials were carried out in the both cases. In the first study, estrogen, alone in post-menopausal women with prior hysterectomy, was administered. The second study assessed estrogen plus progestin in post-menopausal women who had not undergone hysterectomy.

The results astonished the researchers who found that the risk of developing breast cancer was increased by using estrogen in addition to progestin, while it significantly decreased in post-menopausal women with previous hysterectomy who took estrogen alone. Meanwhile, the observational studies told a different story all together. After going through all the data, the researchers could not fully understand the mechanism in place and could not justify the different affects of estrogen alone and estrogen in addition to progestin.

Breast Cancer is basically due to the inner lining of milk ducts. It can be treated properly if detected at an early stage, which other can prove fatal. African Women are most prone to this disease and any other group. The situation becomes more worrisome as there are no proper treatment procedures available there and most of the time the patients is left to suffer.