NHS Plans for New Youth Mental Health Centre

Mental-HealthIt seems that the young people affected from mental health problems will soon get a big relief with news from an NHS Trust in Great Manchester about its plans of building a new £10m centre to serve the affected generation.

The above announcements have come from Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMW), who has already started working with architects on the project and will soon give the region a new centre to especially take care of the 13 to 18 year old age group that is suffering from any type of mental health problem.

The revealed plans are pointing that the new centre will be a replacement to the adolescent units that is located in Prestwich, Bury.

Several comments regarding the ongoing project have come from Director of nursing and operations Ms. Gill Green, who cleared in his statement about all the advantages and benefits that the new centre will serve the region and the real impact that will create on better recovery and mental wellbeing of the younger generation falling in the adolescent group.

Some plan details have been released by a GMW spokesman, who said that the new facility has been planned to be built on the site of the existing units. With the project completion, several mental health services will be served to the young mental health problems affected people like services of several support groups, occupational and art therapies and community assessment and treatments, and also the inpatient adolescent services that are presently being served in Prestwich.

Ms. Green said, "The condition of the clinical environments has a massive influence on how patients feel. Research has even suggested that recovery times can improve when patients are cared for in an attractive and therapeutic environment”.