Authorities Concerned Over Childhood Obesity

fast-foodWith childhood obesity increasingly affecting more children every day, more authorities are getting concerned to tackle the issue in the best possible manner.

Some similar efforts have been seen from one of the famous anti-censorship group, which in its released statements of last night, has criticized the Scottish Government’s call for introducing a ban over fast-food advertising on television at least until after 9 pm.

Recently a few researches (one from Newcastle University) have confirmed that despite governments’ and concerned health authority’s efforts of following stricter regulations to stop children exposure to the levels of junk food advertising, no good results have been seen following which, the health groups are now urging for another new action or decision that can more efficiently help them tackle the problem.

There are confirmations that Mr. Michael Matheson, MSP, Scottish Public Health Minister, has sent written suggestions to Mr. Andrew Lansley, the UK Health Secretary, with his requests to introduce a nationwide ban at the earliest.

But some are not the views of Campaign against Censorship, who criticized the Scottish Government’s call for the ban by saying, “The state cannot dictate what we eat and watch. Our position is it’s up to the parents and carers to supervise what their children are watching. People who watch television after 9 pm are not likely to be the group that advertisers are targeting anyway.”

The Scotland's Public Health Minister is favoring the view that the television advertisements advertising for food items that are high in fat, sugar and salt must not go air before the 9pm watershed and for same issue, Mr. Michael Matheson has now written to UK Health Secretary asking his support as well in the suggested UK-wide ban.