Need for More Social Care Reforms by the NHS

Need for More Social Care Reforms by the NHSIt has been recently revealed in a report that if stronger efforts are made by the NHS for the spending money wisely for the social care and community health programs. This would help in caring better for the patients suffering from various diseases such as dementia in the longer run.

It was further added by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services that there aren’t enough efforts being made by the coalition for effectively being able to remove the obstacles that persist in the services and this is why there is more suffering borne by the elderly people.

It was further added by the report that the health and social care bill, which is still under scrutiny in the parliament. This bill shall have a direct effect on the people suffering from medical requirements for care over the age of retirement. It’s important because there are many elderly people suffering at the hands of the NHS care.

It has further been said that due to the advancement in science and technology the number of the elderly people is also going to increase in the time to come. This makes it all the more important for the authorities to be able to find appropriate ways to fulfill the needs of the elderly.

“We have heard many calls for better integration between health and care from many politicians over recent months. ADASS continues to share frustrations at the current state of integration: we haven’t weakened in our aspirations to improve the situation”, revealed Peter Hay, of the ADASS.

There is a need for better services to be offered for the elderly people living in care homes. This shall help them in living a better life in the time to come.