Royal Brompton Hospital Playing Hardball to Save Heart Unit

Heart-UnitA leading west London hospital has been blamed of putting their personal gains in front of much-needed improvements in children's heart care. Joint Committee of Primary Care Trusts (JCPCT) came out with a consultation that the children's heart surgery unit of The Royal Brompton Hospital should be closed.

But the hospital challenged it in court stating it as unnecessary. The court now has charged the hospital of interfering in the process and termed its action as premature. It has also stated that the hospital was delaying the review of its cardiac care.

According to the hospital the action by the JCPCT would be a bureaucratic vandalism, but there have been earlier reports between 1990 and 1995 in Bristol which have said the same as the JCPCT. The main aim of the JCPCT is to streamline and shift pediatric congenital cardiac surgery services (PCCS) to fewer sites across England. It is being said that these units should perform at least 300 operations per year only in specialist centers.

There are currently three centers in London, and JCPCT has considered to leave the Evelina Hospital and Great Ormond Street open whereas shut The Royal Brompton hospital in Chelsea. Dinah Rose QC, for the JCPCT has argued that the consultation process is not being undertaken in order to advance the interests of individual institutions. It is looking at a wider prospect which is better cardiac care. It is for the benefit of children and their families.

It is being speculated that the Royal Brompton hospital is just looking to save its neck and worried about the benefit of the children and their families. There has been a huge pressure on the hospital to adhere with the consultation process but it is determined to take any measures in order to delay the process.