Balanced Diet is a Key Way to Remain Healthy

Balanced-DietAs per a recent British poll, it has been revealed that an average woman of 45 years of age has been on diet since she was 16. The women do not stick to one diet and keep on changing their diet plan after every 15 days.

In a poll of 2,000 British men and women, it has been found that very few people have said that they lost weight after following a specific diet. In fact, 35% of the surveyed people have said that they have gained weight after they are over with their diet.

In addition, it has also been found that more than three quarter of people being surveyed were on a diet in 2011. Health experts said that they have said time and again that dieting of any sort is not good for health. One cannot lose weight with dieting and even if does so then it will be for temporary time period.

The survey findings have also revealed that current generation’s madness about dieting has been slowly being adopted by the next generation. It has been noticed that now school children are found to asking their parents to not to give them bread, potatoes or any other carbohydrate rich item to them.

A few of the parents have admitted in the survey that they are forced to agree with their children and do not provide them foods such as potatoes, bread and fruit. Chris Jones, who is the head of Psychology at Nuffield Health, was of the view that it is very important that people should understand the losing weight or remaining fit does not mean to be on a strict diet.

It is about introducing changes in the lifestyle and choosing balanced diet over diet food or calorie rich food.