Samsung Smartphone Failed Against Apple iPhone

SamsungAccording to sources, Samsung’s first smartphone failed to compete with Apple iPhone in the market. The set that was thought to compete with Apple’s iPhone failed to receive even a positive response.

It was unveiled that the set had several problems in it. The complaints registered included those regarding calls being dropped and the touchscreen not working properly. Several other applications even turned up to pose a problem for the set users.

The users then were in such an agony that they burned the products on streets; a few products had been broken to pieces. Those using the phone on a contract basis are more frustrated as they are unable to cope with the product and cannot even throw it away.

Company President JK Shin stated that the company is facing a crucial time. However, according to him, the main reason for failure of the device was the launch of Apple iPhone. Despite this, the company was ranked as the highest seller of smartphones last year.

Moreover, the company has not taken a step backward either and it is looking forward to its next smartphone, Galaxy. They are already working on the design of the new smartphone and have assured that the product will truly be a tough opponent to the iPhone.