Dirt and Germs Are Good for Immune System, Say Researchers

Dirt and Germs Are Good for Immune System, Say ResearchersDo you know that by allowing your child to play in an area surrounded by bacteria can prove effective in boosting the immune system of the child? Recently, researchers have emphasized over the idea of exposing kids to germs as it has been found that germs and bacteria can help in strengthening the immune system of children.

It has been found that these days a large number of people are reporting of being caught by allergies. Most of the cases of allergies are coming from urban areas. Asthma, bowel diseases and hay fever are some of the allergies which are being reported by those staying in urban areas.

It is believed that the hygiene hypothesis has led to a sudden rise in the number of allergies. In a recent study conducted by the researchers of Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), it was found that bacteria are necessary for the healthy survival of humans.

During the study, the researchers studied two groups of mice. The first group of mice was free from bacteria and the other was living in a normal environment which contained bacteria. During the study, the researchers found that mice which had been living a bacteria free environment experienced inflammation in lungs and also had difficulty in breathing.

The researchers informed that hyperactivity of T-cells is responsible for causing inflammation in the lungs and other allergies. The researchers have emphasized that germs and dirt are essential for strong immune system.

The co-senior study author, Richard Blumberg was reported as saying, “These studies show the critical importance of proper immune conditioning by microbes during the earliest periods of life…will allow scientists to potentially identify the microbial factors important in determining protection from allergic and autoimmune diseases later in life”.