Roche Holding’s Herceptin and MabThera to be Available at Cheaper Prices in India

RocheOn Friday, drug manufacturer Roche Holding made an announcement about its plans to introduce less-expensive cancer drugs in the markets of India. Roche Holding is counted among the biggest cancer drug manufacturers of the world.

The announcement by the Roche Holding has brought a smile on the faces of many cancer patients in India. It has been informed by the drug manufacturer that it would be creating a cheaper version of its Herceptin and MabThera drug by the next year.

It has been informed that the drugs would be produced under an alliance with India’s Emcure Pharmaceuticals. The prices of the drugs have not been reveled yet. However, it has been revealed that by producing cheaper drugs, the manufacturer is aiming at increasing the demand of its drugs.

A spokesperson of Roche Holding was reported as saying, “The scope is to enable access for a large majority of patients who currently pay out of pocket… we expect to significantly increase the number of patients treated with our therapies and help patients currently under treatment to continue to use our products properly”.

There are many cancer patients who don’t have enough money to pay for treatment. It is believed that through this initiative, many cancer patients would be benefited. It has been informed that on monthly basis a patient of breast cancer and cancers of the blood and lymph system is made to pay $3,000 to $4,500 for Herceptin and MabThera.

It has further come to light that through producing cheaper cancer drugs, Roche Holding is avoiding being compelled under Indian law to allow generic-drug makers to manufacture cheaper cancer drugs. However, the firm has not yet commented on this particular assertion.