Taco Delivery via Flying Robot

Taco Delivery via Flying RobotHumans have found some unique ways of merging technology with day-to-day works. Some of it may sound bizarre, but to the Geek town it is just another way of getting people’s attention by the way of innovation. So, when an online company merged the love of Taco’s, among people with quadrotor, a new amazing concept known as TacoCopter has made scene.

They have started a new service that lets people order Tacos online. Well, this is not a new service there have been many service like these available. But, what is unique about them is the way they deliver the order. The company uses an unmanned robotic quadrotor to deliver these tacos.

This service is currently in private beta for users of San Francisco bay, but it would soon be launched for other people to enjoy. Food delivery by flying robots is a very interesting concept and no matter if people like it or not, it is sure they would definitely order the service at least once out of curiosity.

The Authenticity of this service has been questioned over the time as the idea seems a bit bizarre, but the time it gets started it surely would have many heads turn its ways.