Doctors Violating UK Abortion Law May Face Severe Punishment

AbortionIt seems that the abortion law in the UK is going nowhere. While on one side, it is being debated that it is the right of a woman to abort her baby, there are other reports that have been indicating that the doctors are taking the decision on their behalf. Why such duplicity exists in such cases?

With one in five clinics which were investigation by the health watchdog found violating the abortion law, it has become all the more imperative that all those doctors who are involved in such malpractices are being severely punished. It was shocking to know that some of the doctors overlooked the need to get to down to the medial history of a patient and went ahead with medical termination of the pregnancy, which is found violating the Abortion Act.

It was found by the investigation from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) that from 250 abortion clinics in England, as many as 50 were found going against the official guidelines. It is hard to imagine that doctors had even signed consent forms for the said medical procedure without knowing the potential consequences.

In response to the turn of events, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has made it loud and clear that there would not be any laxity performed in dealing with such cases. Accepting the fact that the law though halts a doctor to meet the patient, Andrew Lansley said, “To pre-sign certificates when you don't even know which woman it relates to and there hasn't been an assessment, is completely contrary to the spirit and letter of the law”.

There are fair chances that in the light of potential evidence, such clinics would be closed and the involved doctors could be handed over to the police.

There is need for doctors to offer women proper advice and counseling before going ahead with such medical procedure else they could face severe punishment from the government.