Players Fail To Deliver 100% after Knee Surgery

Players Fail To Deliver 100% after Knee SurgeryUndoubtedly medical research and new technologies have given so many new treatments and surgeries to help patients get relief from their pains and problems. Some similar inventions have also been made to help patients suffering problems in their knees i. e. Knee reconstruction surgery.

But recent data of a study is revealing poor results of knee reconstruction surgery, suggesting that almost 40% patients after the surgery are not able to recover to their before-the-surgery levels of being active or participating in any of the sports.

The American Journal of Sports Medicine has reported about the above findings, which have come from the study ran by Doctoral Student Mr. Clare Ardern, of La Trobe University's Musculoskeletal Research Centre, who studied during the period about the lives of more than 300 people (ageing two to seven years) actively participating in several sports.

The University statement cleared that only some of the participants, who earlier (before surgery) had participated well in sports like football, basketball, netball or soccer succeeded in recovering back to their earlier capabilities after their surgery with only 60% people efficiently playing at their pre-injury level. Also, the findings showed that majority of athletes aged over 32 years didn't continue taking part actively in their sport like earlier.

"This is a surprise because as a physiotherapist I would expect that previously fit, active and healthy athletes to return to playing their sport at a similar level to before they were injured", said Doctoral Student Ardern.

Findings of another La Trobe University study confirmed full recovery of only 60% people from their knee reconstruction surgery, and failure of 40% people to perform their sport with the previous levels of efforts and participation.