NBN Doesn’t Approve Huawei

HuaweiIt has been recently revealed in a report that the firm Huawei isn’t too happy with the decision of the company by the Australian authorities from the National Broadband Network. This is a huge network that is worth a total of the 36 billion Australian dollars roughly. This makes it all the more an issue of prestige for companies to be a part of it.

The Australian authorities haven’t chosen the Chinese firm to be a part of the same, though it has been said that the Australian brain of the firm is not happy with this decision and has expressed its dismay at the same.

“While we're obviously disappointed by the decision, Huawei will continue to be open and transparent and work to find ways of providing assurance around the security of our technology. While network security is an issue for all vendors”, said Jeremy Mitchell, the company's corporate affairs director in Australia.

He further added that the business that the firm does in the country doesn’t rely on whether the NBN has given its approval or not. It said it is doing well and that that the NBN is actually losing on the innovation and expertise that their brand has to offer.