Cameron Announces Minimum Pricing of Alcohol

Cameron Announces Minimum Pricing of AlcoholIt seems that UK Prime Minister David Cameron is quite determined to reduce alcoholism in the country. Last week, he announced the minimum per-unit pricing of alcohol and said that the action will bring a decline in the number of alcoholics.

The move was highly appreciated by the majority of organizations, including the Royal College of Physicians. David Cameron said, “We can't go on like this. When beer is cheaper than water it's just too easy for people to get drunk on cheap alcohol at home before they even set foot in a pub”.

Katherine Brown, who is the head of research and communications at the Institute of Alcohol Studies, said that it was very important to take such a decision and he compared the rise in drinkers with tsunami of alcohol harm.

A lot of things will now improve, said Brown, who affirmed that there will be fewer accidents due to alcohol and there will be less injuries and diseases due to temporary and long-term heavy drinking. Moreover, there will less spending on alcoholics and there will less punishments given to people who will be found drunk.

It is said that Cameron has to face a lot of criticism for not taking action on time. He was suggested in 2010 for introducing the minimum per-unit pricing of alcohol, but he did not take action at that time. It is now that they have decided that he has introduced the system.

In addition, it has also been revealed that he will be asking the alcohol manufacturers to supply lighter wine, beer and other alcohol stuff. Cameron has also said that except fighting alcohol problem in the country, they will also be looking to fight rising obesity figures in the country.