FDA Approves New Anemia Drug

FDAIt has been recently revealed that the health regulators have given green signal to an anemia drug. The Food and Drug Administration is said to have allowed the first anemia drug to be sold in the market in last 10 years.

The drug is said to be quite effective than available drugs in the market. The drug, known as Omontys, is being manufactured by Affymax Inc. and is an injectable drug, which needs to be taken once in a month.

It is the first drug for adult dialysis patients with anemia caused by chronic kidney disease and the medicine is meant to be taken once a month. In addition, it has also been revealed that the drug can also be given to patients, whom have been diagnosed with anemia due to chemotherapy.

The drug works by boosting the formation of hemoglobin in the body. Experts said that it is not the first drug, which has works on such criteria. There are two other drugs available in the market, which works on same pattern and those drugs being Aranesp and Epogen. However, Omontys is the first drug which will be needed to be given once a month.

Anemia has become quite a concern in the US and developing countries and drugs like Omontys are simple solution to boost hemoglobin without undergoing pain procedures of blood transfusion.

As per the health care data firm IMS Health, it has been found that sales of animal drugs have increased to a significant level. Official statistics read that in 2006, anemia drugs had sales of $9.8 billion in the U. S.

Manufacturers of Omontys said that the drug will be having warning labels on the front pack, and will also include possible side effects, like diarrhea, vomiting and high blood pressure.