Due to Negligence, Radiologist Misses Dozens of Breast Cancer Cases

Breast-CancerIn a shocking revelation, a radiologist has been found to have missed over 96 breast cancer cases in women who approached him. There were over 22,000 mammograms performed between 2008 and 2010. In 96 cases out of these, Dr. Bergeron was unable to detect cancer diagnosis, which makes his error rate more than five times the acceptable levels. It is a very worrisome situation as most of these women were not diagnosed on time and are suffering drastically from breast cancer.

Most of his patients, like Sylvie Marotte, who were assured that the hard little ball in her left breast was nothing major, are now suffering cancer. They were only made aware of their situation after they consulted an alternate doctor. The Quebec College of Physicians and Surgeons revealed in a report that they submitted that the doctor missed dozens of cancer diagnoses in other women. There were misread scans and inappropriate tissue testing done by the doctor which led to this high number of errors.

Canadian health care has been dealing with problem a lot as there is a rise in the number of cases of undetected diagnosis of breast cancer, which is why there was a tremendous pressure on the agency to look into the matter.