Australian Couple Faces Massive Delivery Bills

Australian CoupleAn Australian couple wants that every couple travelling out-of-the country-should read their case, so they do not get in to the same trouble. John Kan and Rachel Evans are facing a $726,000 bill after Rachel gave birth to a premature girl child in BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver.

The couple was at Vancouver International Airport at the time when they Rachel started having labor pains. She was then taken to the hospital, where her 26 weeks old, premature baby was born. The couple said that they were of the view that their travel insurance and other extra insurances for Rachel cover her delivery cost.

However, such was not the truth and now they face a bill of 90 days of neo-natal care, which amounts to $707,000. They also need to pay another $19,000 for the labour and delivery of the child. Hospital President Jan Christilaw said, “It is very uncommon for an out-of-country family to require a long stay at BC Women’s and not have those costs covered by insurance”.

They are trying their best to compensate with the couple so they are able to pay the bill. In addition, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr has also said that they will try their best to solve the problem of John and Rachel.