Fat Cats Aren’t Just Adorable, But Actually A Health Hazard

Fat-CatsObesity is not only pertinent for humans, it seems though there is another living creature that has to the same situation going for them. Till date, this was one of the features that brought humans so close to them. Cats are more often termed as adorable when they are downy. Fluffy is a word that has been associated with the cats for a long time. But now it seems it has become a contentious issue regarding their health. The worrisome news is not only about cats but it has been found that there might be six million pets across the country suffering from obesity. This includes cats, dogs, and many other pets.

According to the veterinary charity PDSA, there are over 33% dogs in the country that are overweight, while 25% cats have those extra pounds in them. The situation grows worse as nearly 84% of the owners of these pets have no idea that their fluffy pets are in fact obese and suffering from diabetes and in some pets their paws are racked with arthritis.

When asked, some of the owners just take the situation very gently. One of the owners whose cat weighed one stone five pounds jokingly said, although he is fluffy and lazy, he is also really adorable.

The people have just forgotten that their pets also need a healthy lifestyle. Instead they pamper them with delights as well as luxurious items. The in turn envelopes them into laziness which them vulnerable to diseases like obesity, diabetes. If people can’t maintain their own healthy life style, it is very difficult to expect them to do the same for their pets. There has to be awareness among owner so that they keep an eye on their pet’s health concerns.