Care and Quality Commission Needs To Undergo Changes

CQCThe MPs have recently revealed that there is still a lot that needs to be done by the Care and Quality Commission before it can become up to the mark and work satisfactorily for the cause of regulating.

Due to a number of critical reports that have recently been received, Cynthia Bower, the head of the CQC, is of the view that she is quitting her job. In a statement by the Common Public Accounts Committee, they were of the view that the current functioning of the CQC is a failure and in desperate need for repairs.

There might have been efforts being made for the improvement of the scenario, and bringing down the number of complaints the authorities have towards the CQC, but the JMPs are of the view that there is need for more change.

They said the CQC still has a long way to go before it can be called flawless and abiding by all the rules that it needs to.

“This report makes clear that Labor let down patients by constantly reorganizing the healthcare regulator, setting an unrealistic timescale for the registration of providers, which resulted in diverting focus from inspecting hospitals, care homes and other healthcare providers”, said Simon Burns, the health minister.

It is essential that the Care and Quality commission makes a few necessary changes so that it can work better in the time to come There is need for a middle way to be found in this situation, so that the authorities don’t have anything to worry about. The CQC needs to ensure that the failures that have occurred in the past wont strike back again and this is why they need to work towards making their organization flawless and praiseworthy in the time to come.