List Your Friends as Enemy by Using Emerging Media and Communication App

FacebookAlmost all users of Facebook have always thought of having a dislike button to show their anger and enmity against someone. So, here is an opportunity for those who want to make public the names of people whom they really hate.

The Emerging Media and Communications program has come up with an application EnemyGraph. com which allows the users of Facebook to name out the person whom they loathe. Director of Emerging Media and Communications Dean Terry said, “But people are also connected and motivated by things they dislike”.

There are many who are criticizing the new application by saying that it is a new cyberbullying weapon. A spokesperson of e-safety education group i-Safe, Jeff Godlis, said that the application can be used by the people for harassing someone.

However, in defense, Terry said that application comes with opt-in option. It means that a person who is not a user of the application can’t be listed in the hate list. The users of the application would be able to list their friends in the enemy list only.

Facebook has not yet commented on the applications. But, it said that it takes bullying very seriously and can do anything to ensure that its users are not being victimized by cyberbullying weapons.