Google Unveils New Tool

GoogleIn a recent report, it has been confirmed that Google has developed a new tool which can help one track his or her Google Account. The new feature would allow users to see what all they did with various services like Gmail, YouTube, online search and other Google venues after they log in their account.

“Knowing more about your own account activity also can help you take steps to protect your Google Account”, said the Google blog, which claimed that this tool would allow them to access to a monthly report which would give a detailed analysis of all the services availed.

The search giant is of the view that this tool would not put any sort of harm to the user privacy as critics, including European privacy agencies and US consumer watchdogs, claimed that this would allow the company to track the activities of their users, and at some point it many even violates EU privacy protections.

As of now, the service is not posted on Google+ social network. However, the company disagrees as it claimed that this tool would significantly improve the services and would surely improve users’ experience.

It would be worth seeing how this new tool would shape the future of the search giant.