Antibiotics Can Make You Fat, Warns Report

Antibiotics Can Make You Fat, Warns ReportIn what may well turn out to be an immensely imperative disclosure, it has been revealed by that new drugs coming in the market are full of harmful side effects, such as those in the likes of hallucinations, amnesia, blue urine, a furry-feeling tongue, nightmares, and many more.

But still, few of these products include overdosing on antibiotics, obesity. Along the same lines, as per an article that had been made available in the magazine titled New Scientist, it has been revealed that these issues can prove extremely vital in triggering obesity.

The people who are into a habit of overusing these antibiotics, as per medical experts, generally have some lower levels of effective bacteria, and those good and effective bacteria have been seen providing immense assistance in preventing everything ranging from cancer to obesity.

In addition, it has been said that a large number of studies carried out on the same topic in mice have resulted in revealing that the mice fed antibiotics at levels which are comparable to those provided to livestock are more heavier as compared to mice fed with no antibiotics whatsoever.

However, such an issue is not surprising at all, more when we consider the fact that antibiotics are more often than not used for the sake of speeding up the growth of animals and for fattening them up for the purpose of slaughtering.

While expressing his viewpoints regarding the entire scenario, along with mentioning what call pros and cons these side effects can have on the health and general well being of animals as well as that of humans.

The lead author of the study which was carried out by a team of researchers from the University of Oklahoma, Cecil Lewis, said: “The association between antibiotics and obesity is important to explore. It's too early to tell if it's a good idea to repopulate our guts with bacteria. But it's certainly an important idea that requires investigation”.