Surge in the Number of NHS Doctors with No Future Sustainability

Surge in the Number of NHS Doctors with No Future SustainabilityWell, if the numbers stated by the Department of Health are to be believed then there has been a constant surge in the number of consultants that have been qualifying as top-level consultants. The report commissioned by the department states that the number has gone up by as much as 60%. If this continues, the number of consultants would reach nearly 60,000 by 2020. More worrying is the fact that there is no guarantee that these people would have suitable jobs waiting for them after they qualify.

This is also slated to put pressure on the NHS, as revealed by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence which claims that the salary bill would see a sheer escalation to £2.2bn before inflation. Either NHS England would have to reduce the salary paid, or it must put the burden on itself as there is no other option in front of them.

There have been a lot of speculations that they are devising a plan for meeting the £40bn savings target. One suggestion that has come out is to put new consultants at posts with lower salaries. There has also a rumble going on among medical professionals who fear that this would create a rift between the current consultants and future consultant, and many could even immigrate to other regions.

Chief Executive of CWI, Peter Sharp, stated the situation as unreasonable. He said, “The people are already in the system. These numbers for 2020 are not notional; they are real people”.

If some serious steps are not taken now, it would affect a lot of people and the situation would become too worse to handle. No one wants any stringent action to be taken, but in order to sustain everyone there is a need for some harsh decisions.