Ring the Bell on Facebook; Give Your Consent for the MMO-Focused Left-Handed Mouse by Razer

FacebookIf you are dying to have a left-handed version of the Naga Gamin mouse, then the time has come to get up and ring the bell. Razer is planning to release this MMO-focused mouse which will otherwise feature all other similar functions of right-handed mouse but it will do so only after getting the bells from all you viewers of Facebook there.

As announced by Razer, if he gets 10000 likes in less than a week time before April 21st which is its deadline for deciding the launch of this mouse, only then he will continue with his plans. However, the release date has not yet been declared by the company. So if you are interested in this mouse and you want to explore the details then you can check out the press release after the break.

So now for all those left-handers, whose PC gaming rights were being violated; there is an exclusive and first time chance to show world their best of gaming skills.

The previously introduced lefty and oddball ambi mice were simply out of the fashion and boring in comparison to these whiny southpaws. On a recent posting on Facebook, Tan proudly said "That Facebook post generated more buzz than we could've ever imagined, which proves that there have been a number of gamers that have had their needs ignored for some time".