Dolutergravir Till Now Proves Out To Be a Good Competitor against Raltegravir

GlaxoSmithKlineAccording to sources, the pharmaceutical leaders GlaxoSmithKline Plc has let out the results of the initial trials carried out for investigational integrase inhibitor, dolutegravir.

Integrase inhibitor is a new class of anti-HIV drugs, which block the growth of HIV by preventing viral DNA from entering the human cells. Integrase is of great interest because of its different mechanism of action and there is a need for new anti-HIV drugs that help address resistance issues and provide additional treatment options.

The study was accomplished to compare the effects of dolutegravir with that of raltegravir, another antiviral for HIV manufactured by Merck and Co.

The third stage of the study was carried out by examining the effects of the drug on 411 native-adults who were affected by HIV-1. Dolutegravir 50 mg dose was given daily to these patients in comparison to raltegravir 400 mg administered twice daily. However, both the drugs were accompanied with nucleoside reverse transcriptase.

After 48 weeks, it was administered that 88% of patients assisted with dolutegravir were virologically suppressed compared to 85 % of participants on raltegravir.

However, drug-related nausea was reported by 10% of the patients, but still the study proved that the drug was good enough to give raltegravir a good competition.