Americans hope better year 2010: Poll

Americans are optimistic of better times ahead in 2010 with improvement in financial conditions and business activities. The latest AP-GfK poll claimed a whopping 82 per cent of respondents hope better future ahead for their families and the nation.

Nearly two-thirds believe the economic conditions to remain as it is or get worsened on accounts of volatile economic environment. Very small number of people think that America’s economy would achieve past glories terming the year 2009 as a disappointing year for USA.

Nearly three-fourths of Americans termed 2009 a bad year while forty two per cent percent rated it very bad on accounts of large scale retrenchments, home closures and overall decline in the economy.

The poll figures are apparently worse than in 2006 when similar poll was conducted. Unemployment rate touched 10 percent in 2009 making a large number of people to lose their jobs and retired ones to contract their accounts.

Meanwhile, Americans have divided view on two wars fought by the nation in Afghanistan and Iraq. 67 percent respondents hope further worsening of situation in Afghanistan while thirty-one per cent said that things would turn either worse or remain as it is.