Care Home Ordered To Shut Down After It Fails To Provide Necessary Service

Care-HomeLittleport Grange nursing and residential home, in Littleport has been under a cloud of contention since reports came out that it has been failing to meet all the needs of its residents. After failing on multiple occasions despite warnings by health and social care watchdog, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), now the decision has been taken to shut down the care home for good.

The operator of the care home, Dove Care Homes, had been issued warnings on multiple accounts to improve the care it is providing to its resident, but all in vain. The inspectors found that the care plans were really inaccurate and out of date. There were instances when some plans relating to nutrition were not even carried out properly. Healthy environment was also not ensured by the care home as the dressings were not being changes at proper times, which had put an issue of infection in prospective. Now the 36 residents that were at the care home are being moved out and the care home is being shut down. In order to ensure the safety and well being of the residents, CQC is now working with the families to find a suitable alternative each of the residents.

Although the relocation process would be put a bit uneasy among the residents and their families, it has to be done to make sure that they get adequate care.

The CQC has now made sure that the quality of all care homes is up to the mark and there are no discrepancies in the matter of their working. There are nearly 48 providers in the group, and all of them have been registered successfully. There is no registered provider has is being allowed to avoid any regulations.