Health Care Systems for Elderly Needs an Immediate Amendment

Health-Care-SystemsAs per the recent findings, it has been declared that the health and social care system for the elder generation needs an amendment.

It has been reported that the system regarding the heath system has not changed, as a result, the concerns have triggered regarding the issue. The demand for a better quality of sensitive care for the old people is major concern being brought up.

To meet the demands and quality of health services, the whole system needs a review. The National Commissioning Board has been appealed to assist with a plan that lays emphasis on incentives, so that the staff and the trusts can provide the people of the group with the best facilities.

Moreover, it has been declared that more of funds will required to raise a better staff and even services, as, less of wages has been an issue of problem with many of the old age care centers

David Oliver National Clinical Director for older people at the Department of Health affirmed that the government needs to take a step forward to help the old people. He asserted that this age group people are the ones which need facilities more than any other age group, but still the government has been indulging in making far more developments for the healthier and younger generation.

Moreover, it was observed that the old patients are repeatedly moved. Their age is such that doesn’t allow them to suffer the trouble of them being shifted to another place, yet the authority doesn’t consider the point and they are moved. Moreover, they are shifted due to the reason that the bed needs to accommodate another patient who is much younger.

Also, the wards of the elderly people are not well maintained in comparison to the other wards in the hospital. And even the staff employed to work for them are not young but middle aged or old. The outcomes need to be noticed and amended.