Viral Infection Outbreak Creating Havoc

Viral-InfectionRecent news proposed that the farmers are advised to be alert to the signs of Schmallenberg virus.

It has been unveiled that the scientists have warned that the problem caused due to the outbreak of the virus is not yet over. The farmers still need to be very careful regarding the precautions that need to be implemented to protect their cattle from being infected by the virus.

According to statistics collected till now, 213 cases of sheep and 25 cases of cattle were registered which were infected from the virus. However, majorly hit areas of England include the countries confined in east and south.

However, the latest figures show that the number of positive cases in sheep has declined.

Despite the declining figures, the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA), has warned the farmers to be alert and check out the symptoms including fever, milk reduction and diarrhea.

The virus is expected to infect the adult cattle more often, and in case it infects pregnant cattle, then there are chances of abortions, abnormal fetal or born dead calves.

Trevor Drew, the head of virology at the AHVLA, affirmed that there are chances of getting positive cases up till May end. So, it is advised to be alert to save the livestock.