Nasal Spray to Prevent Heart Diseases under Trail

Nasal-SprayHave you ever thought how it would be like to have a nasal spray which could reduce the level of calories from the body? It has been reported that a revolutionary nasal spray is under trials which would help in reducing the growing cases of heart diseases by simply preventing clogging of arteries.

The Medical Director of British Heart Foundation has said that the treatment or nasal spray is promising of reducing the incidences of heart diseases. The treatment has already been tested on mice. When mice were introduced with the treatment, they helped in clearing the plaque from the arteries by almost 70%.

It has been informed that the treatment works by boosting the immune system to produce additional antibiotics which, in turn, fights with fats accumulating in the blood vessels. The researchers who had been working harder to develop the treatment have applied for licenses.

It is hoped that in the next five years, the treatment would become available all over the world. It has been unveiled that the treatment at present is being tested over 144 heart patients of the US and Canada. Prof. Jan Nilsson, of Lund University, is of the view that the treatment would be prescribed to only those who are at greater risk of developing heart diseases.